While working at Diversionary Therapy Technologies I worked on various projects including a fully customized and streamlined operating system based on Android. I started my work in DTT as game engine programmer and later as the technical lead I was responsible for the software architecture and key parts of the programming on both server and device side and both for the games and for the supporting software.

As you can see in the screenshots, plenty of things are built from ground up or modified including some of the system’s integral applications. Modifications were even made to the Linux kernel. The changes were aimed at altering the look and feel of the device as well as getting the best out of the hardware for the specific purpose of the ditto which is essentially an embedded device.
ditto Welcome

Some applications are built to replace common functionality of the operating system:
ditto connection

And some are very specific to device. For example the change of language here modifies not only the interface but also the content that the device presents to the user (based on what is installed):
ditto Languages

The update software is a multi-tier application in Java, C and Php which provides a single click install and update of all the content on the device based on the licenses owned by the client. The process is user-friendly and secured with a sophisticated encrypted connectivity.
ditto Update

And last but not least, the educational and entertainment content run on the device, which are specifically made for it. They include reporting (for research purposes) as well as extra measures for reliability and compliance with health-care standards (ditto is used predominantly in hospitals):
ditto Game

You can learn more about characteristics of ditto by looking at the website. ditto belongs to Diversionary Therapy Technologies. Screenshots are used with permission.

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