Anything new?

These days I am involved in a few things:

  1. I keep learning about Engines. I have always been fascinated by the complexities of memory management and one of the reasons I am so interested in engines is that they have to handle rather odd or unique scenarios of memory constraints. Game Engine Architecture is a book I am reading these days.
  2. I practice the scripting language of Unreal Engine 4 called Blueprint. Admittedly I think it has some shortcomings and it is still an evolving approach but the beauty of its approach is appealing to somebody who has seen evolution of software architecture since the days of procedural programming.
  3. I am working on a couple of projects on my own. I like compact programs with high efficiency. Which leads me to just update and improve my own base programs. I find it more exciting than using an off-the-shelf Engine.
  4. I contribute to some community and indie projects. Most significantly Forest Heart Project (the website occasionally times out but the facebook page also has all the info.)

You wanted to see my code so you are here!